Choose a Recognizable Address for Your Company's Headquarters

Virtual office Wroclaw

  • Prestigious address for your company’s headquarters
  • Company registration and sales
  • Rental of air-conditioned and equipped conference rooms and offices
  • Managing secretarial services and the company’s meeting calendar
  • Online client panel
  • Legal and accounting services

Virtual Office Poland in the Heart of Wroclaw

Our virtual office offer was created in response to the needs of entrepreneurs. We provide a prestigious address in the heart of Wroclaw city, high-quality service, and an individual approach to the client at a very attractive price.

The cost of renting a space in Wroclaw is extremely high, which is why using a virtual office service brings only benefits. We significantly reduce operating costs, allowing you to register your company under our Wroclaw address.

Recognizable Address and Prestigious Location for Your Company

As part of our collaboration, we provide the address of the virtual office in the center of Wroclaw - Leszczynskiego Street 4. It can serve as the address for your company's headquarters or correspondence.

Saving Time and Money

With our help, you will gain more time that you can spend on running your business. Upon client request, we will receive mail and correspondence.

Assistance in Establishing Companies and Registering Corporations

We provide support in the process of setting up a business and forming corporations. Our offer also includes advising during the company registration process. We help in preparing the necessary documentation and applications.

Professional Management of Secretariat and Correspondence

Our experts handle the management of the secretariat and correspondence. We will efficiently manage office aspects, providing you with peace of mind and additional time that will help you achieve success

Air-Conditioned Conference Rooms and Offices

We also offer our clients the rental of air-conditioned conference, training rooms, and offices.

Promotion! Virtual Office Wroclaw - STARTER Package!

Contract for 3 months with upfront payment220 PLN200 PLN370 PLN350 PLN
Average monthly cost73 PLN67 PLN123 PLN117 PLN
Contract for 6 months with upfront payment320 PLN300 PLN580 PLN500 PLN
Average monthly cost53 PLN50 PLN97 PLN83 PLN
Contract for 12 months with upfront payment520 PLN350 PLN890 PLN550 PLN
Average monthly cost43 PLN29 PLN74 PLN46 PLN

Registration of sole proprietorship: 100 PLN net.

Preparation of documentation for the registration of a limited liability company (sp. z o.o.) starting from 200 PLN.

4 Simple Steps to Start Working with BiuroHello


Selection of the Perfect Package

Under the “PACKAGES” tab on our online platform, we present a wide range of options for our e-office. Detailed descriptions of each package make the decision-making process easier. Once you select the most suitable one for you, simply click “Order and buy online” and then fill out a short form.


Hassle-Free Contract Signing

Upon receiving your order, we will immediately prepare an initial invoice for you. After its payment, we can proceed with the contractual formalities. For those who prefer traditional solutions, we await in our office in Wroclaw. Meanwhile, for enthusiasts of digital solutions, we offer a quick process of concluding the contract online.


Your New, Unique Place

After finalizing all stages, your company receives a distinguished address at one of the most representative points in Wroclaw – 4 Leszczynskiego St,. But that’s just the beginning! We have a plethora of professional services for you, tailored to the specifics of your venture.


Running a Business with a Smile

With us at “Biuro Hello”, managing your business is not only efficient but also more satisfying. We free you from many routine obligations, allowing you to focus on priorities – expanding your business and building valuable relationships with partners. We take care of every administrative aspect, so you can fully enjoy the benefits of collaborating with an innovative e-office.

Appropriate authorities - virtual office Wroclaw

Tax Office Wroclaw

4 Inowroclawska St, 53-654 Wroclaw


District Court for Wroclaw-Fabryczna VI Commercial Division of the National Court Register
16 Poznanska Street
53-630 Wroclaw

ZUS (The Social Insurance Institution) Wroclaw

9/11 Pretficza St,
50-930 Wroclaw

Statistical Office in Wroclaw

31 Olawska St, 50-950 Wroclaw

Our Other Locations


81 Jerozolimskie Ave, office 7.10 level 7 (CENTRAL TOWER Building – formerly ORCO)


1 Waly Piastowskie St,  Office no. 1508


10 Mieleckiego St, Office no. 503, 1st floor (near Warsaw Street, by the PKP train station)

Additional Services

Spotkanie z doradcami księgowości i prawa biura hello

Registration and sale of companies

Faced with the decision to start a business or expand an existing one, many people wonder: should I establish a new company or choose a ready-made entity? In Wroclaw, our qualified advisors are ready to help at every stage – from support in setting up a new company to offering ready-to-buy entities. Our goal is to make this process as transparent and tailored to your needs as possible.

Sprzedaż zarejestrowanych i gotowych spółek

Legal and Accounting Services

Understanding regulations and accounting duties can be challenging, but with us, everything becomes simpler. Our team of experts in Wroclaw, consisting of experienced lawyers and accountants, is ready to assist in any situation. From managing accounting, through advising on complex legal issues, to representing your company in dealings with institutions – we guarantee reliable and comprehensive service.

Wynajem sal konferencyjnych warszawaw

Conference Rooms and Offices

Not all business discussions can be conducted remotely. That’s why in Wroclaw, we offer access to our innovative conference rooms and elegant offices. Each of these spaces has been designed with diverse needs in mind and equipped with the latest solutions, ensuring your meetings, presentations, or conferences run smoothly and professionally.

Wirtualna asystentka

Virtual Secretary

The business world presents us with numerous challenges, but you don’t have to face them alone. Our virtual secretary in Wroclaw is ready to undertake a variety of administrative tasks, such as answering calls, managing correspondence, or organizing your schedule. By collaborating with us, you will not only relieve yourself of many duties but also optimize the operation of your enterprise.

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    Contact - Virtual office Wroclaw - Biuro Hello

    Phone contact: 71 738 22 83

    Mobile phone: 530997747

    GG number: 43013824 Biurohello wirtualne biuro gg

    Office adress:
    4 Leszczynskiego St, Office no. 25 (The intersection of Kazimierza Wielkiego St and Świdnicka St,)

    Virtual office hours:
    Monday – Thursday: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
    Friday: 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

    Biuro Hello - Contact

    Phone number: 717000560


    NIP (Tax Identification Number): 8982167638
    KRS (National Court Register Number): 0000341767
    REGON (National Official Business Register Number): 021125580

    Biuro wirtualne wrocław - Biuro hello
    biura wirtualne wrocław
    Sala na wynajem Gdańsk
    biura wirtualne Wrocław
    biuro wirtualne wroclaw

    Our clients reviews!

    Ewa Tacke

    Extremely friendly and professional, always helping, solution oriented.

    Marcin S

    Polecam Biuro Hello jako profesjonalną firmę, z której usług korzystam od kilku lat i nigdy nie było żadnych problemów. To dla mnie najważniejsze - stały (wysoki) poziom usług.

    Grzegorz Włosek

    Bardzo dobra cena i miejsce

    Karolina Puzio

    Bardzo mila i szybka obsługa. Serdecznie polecam każdemu, kto szuka wirtualnego biura.

    Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

    This service involves the rental of a small area for communal use, receiving mail, scanning it, and uploading the scans to the Client Panel, and renting training rooms and offices by the hour for meetings with clients. The services are provided across our entire network of offices, namely in Wroclaw, Warsaw, Gdansk, and Katowice. There is also the possibility to change the virtual office service and company headquarters from one city to another.
    The contract can be signed at one of our virtual offices in Wroclaw, Warsaw, Gdansk, or Katowice, or on our website under the “PACKAGES” section by filling out a questionnaire and clicking the “order and buy online” button. After receiving the order, we will issue a proforma invoice, and upon payment of the proforma, we will issue a contract for your company.

    Thanks to comprehensive service in our office:

    • Assistance in company registration, renting an address for conducting business,
    • Secretarial services,
    • Renting rooms for training and meetings,
    • Accounting

    You can have everything in one place. Our years of experience have allowed us to perfect the art of caring for our clients and handling their companies’ affairs.

    But a virtual office is not just an address registered in the registry. We receive, store, and forward correspondence, notifying our clients by email when mail arrives. We offer scanning and posting mail in the client panel. This allows clients to review their correspondence as soon as it arrives at the virtual office. The virtual office provides assistant services, answers phone calls, schedules meetings, and manages the client’s calendar. The range of our services is tailored individually to the needs of each entrepreneur.

    Running a business often involves the necessity of conducting meetings with contractors or clients. Therefore, our virtual office in Wroclaw offers the possibility to rent rooms. They can be used for organizing meetings, conferences, training sessions, gatherings, but also treated as an office by the hour, where you can quietly and calmly tackle the challenges that running your own business presents.

    A virtual office is an excellent solution for those who are just starting their business, allowing them to significantly reduce costs, boast an attractive address right from the start, and invite contractors or clients to a neat and professional hourly office. This option is also attractive for individuals whose business profile means they use an office irregularly and for whom renting something permanently is not cost-effective. With us, you only pay for the actual time used in the office. Our virtual office, and thus the place where you can use an office by the hour, is located in the center of Wroclaw. We are located in an office building, close to the Market Square and the Main Railway Station (PKP). We warmly invite you to cooperate.

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